Will be open at 2020

Price Quick view

14-inch mare $400

20-inch mare $600

40-inch mane $1000

Princess has other price. More details under below.

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  1. Read the Ordering information and understand the Plush Specifications
  2. Fill out the form on the order page
  3. Receive Email Confirmation if you being chosen.
  4. Discussion details.
  5. Payment
  6. Complete Subscription (Your name will appear in the production schedule)

Payment method:

  • PayPal
  • Credit card or debit card

Delivery method:

  • Send by post (Air mail/ EMS)
  • S.F. Express (Cooperation with UPS)


  • NKPLUSH have all rights reserved.
  • Additional comments/questions can be discussed in any message.
  • You will receive an email with a bill after you send the form. The order process is complete after payment.
  • Customized plush photos will be posted on the web.
  • NKPLUSH is unaffiliated with Hasbro. Please support more Hasbro official products. But if the official product can not meet your special needs, welcome to order the custom plush.
  • No urgent orders! The wait time for one of my plushies around few months to years.
  • I only make cute plushies in keeping with the show's themes. Don't request anything violent or dark. Also, NO orders for anything of a sexual nature.
  • OCs must have a Reference sheet with the animation style. It's better to include several angles.
  • The pony plushies are made entirely out of Crystal Fine Hair Fabrics, and their eyes and cutie mark are machine embroidered.
  • You can specify the facial expression as you want.
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S, M, L, XL, 2XL, and L Princess, with the ruler and some common items for scale.

Size comparison reference pictures

2XL Fluttershy and Starlight in the car

Kelly Sheridan(Voice acter of Starlight Glimmer) with XL and 2XL Starlight plushies


  • Prices are for the standard mare pattern. Princesses, stallions, the fillies might have different prices.
  • The smaller sizes (Small and Medium) may refuse to make in some cases.
  • No custom pony plush Bigger than 2 XL.
  • Prices are in "USD"
  • The prices are for reference only. The actual price may vary depending on the complexity of the request.


  • Small size (S) Out of service.
  • Medium size (M) Out of service.
  • Large size 14-inch (L) $400
  • XL size 20-inch $600
  • 2XL size 40-inch $1000

(Luna, Cadence, Tempest: size price+$500. Celestia: Size price+ $700)


  • Standing
  • Sit

Sitting ponies can also lay down.

Standing pony


  • Different regions will have different shipping costs.
  • Freight charged after delivery.
  • The following freight is for rough reference only. The actual price is based on the post office quote.

Shipping fee to USA

From Taiwan
  • (M)20 USD (Box size 33*23*11 cm)
  • (L) 40 USD (Box size 45*30*15 cm)
  • (XL) 110 USD (Box size 60*50*22 cm)
  • (2XL) 170 USD (Box size 91*38*32 cm)


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Commission guide

  • The commission open notice will be sent by E-mail.
  • I would like to serve everybody but my time is limited. Be understanding if you are not be chosen, and try again next time.
  • Commissions are taken in order. But it might adjust if it needs.

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  • Repair or replacement of components fee $ 10.
  • I Can repair plushies that made by other plushie makers.
  • You need to pay all shipping fee.


Frequently asked questions

  • Why are handmade plushes more expensive than the store-bought plushes?

The key is mass production. Store-bought plushes are made in the tens of thousands; even the smaller mass-produced plashes need at least 500 pieces to make an order. Once the first plush is made, the rest can be made using the same patterns, using equipment built specifically for mass production. They also purchase materials in bulk, bringing material costs down.

Custom plushes cost more because I don't have any of these advantages. Because each plush is unique, I have to spend time on each step- I have to make new patterns or adjust my old patterns, I have to cut and sew each piece individually, and I have to buy the right colors for your pony. This all means that you get exactly the plush what you want!

  • Can I pay by installment? (Custom plush)


Pay in full when you have enough money. I don't want to see anyone have a hard life but just for a plush. In my past experience, it happens often: people choosing installments and then to cancel their orders due to personal economic factors.

  • How long does it take to make a plush?

In general, making a standard plush (without accessories) takes about a week. If I encounter problems or bottlenecks, it may take months to remake. Therefore, I don't want to estimate any specific timeframe.

  • I waited for so long. When is my turn?

In the past, orders were difficult to digest due to improper time allocation. Some people waited for 1 to 2 years to start making orders.

After the future order is reopened, it will be controlled within 5 orders in order to control the time.

  • How do I clean my plush?

Plushie Care


Minky Plush Washing

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